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Mitigating Unplanned Extubation: Best Practices, Assessments, and ICU Surveillance

Justin Phillips, BSc., RRT-ACCS


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Standard care of mechanically ventilated patients often emphasizes mitigating risks associated with unplanned extubations (UE). UE are potentially life-threatening events that may negatively impact patient-centered outcomes across the spectrum of invasively ventilated patients in intensive care units (ICU). Identifying UE root-cause factors and implementation of standardized best practices are key to providing high-quality patient care for intubated patients undergoing mechanical ventilation. This learning activity will focus on relevant quality assurance monitoring metrics, the importance of maximizing timely transition to unassisted breathing, and multidisciplinary considerations pertaining to UE.


Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this activity, the participant will be able to:

  1. Explain the role of daily sedation interruptions (DSI) and targeted sedation in conjunction with spontaneous breathing trials (SBT) when considering UE risk.

  2. Describe common sense measures clinicians can utilize to reduce the likelihood of a UE.

  3. Discuss current evidence and best practice measures focused on UE management of patients.

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